Saturday, July 21, 2012

Eating @ 9 weeks

I finally updated the solid food stage page (found at the top of my blog). At 9 weeks out, it represents a list of my go-to foods, spices, sauces, and recipes. Honestly, 90% of what I eat is on that list...and it's only 13 food items (not including my fave spices and sauces). With those items, I can make endless recipes!

You may want to also check out the video below about a recent grocery trip. With just five new ingredients from the grocery store, mixed with a few of my staples leftover in the fridge (cheese, buffalo sauce, refried beans, and a few others), I'll easily make a week's worth of meals including:
  • Buffalo shrimp pizza with yogurt ranch dip
  • Pepperoni pizza flatbread
  • Taco pizza flatbread with beans and seasoned ground turkey, with yogurt dip
  • Lasagna "cupcakes"
  • Baked ricotta
  • Refried bean cupcakes
Links to the recipes with photos will be posted for these items once I make them this week...enjoy!

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