Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fave alert: Flatout Bread

Wanted to share a potential new "fave" food item. I went to the beach this weekend and stopped at Surf Taco on the way home. I looked online beforehand to find a healthy option and went for the grilled garlic shrimp taco. When I ordered, I forgot to ask for a corn tortilla and so it came out with flour. I hadn't tried tortillas (or bread) yet, but at nine weeks out I was curious. I'm not interested in flour tortillas becoming a diet staple, so I ate half the shrimp out of the taco but took one bite with tortilla to see how it would sit. No problems (still haven't found anything sleevie doesn't like). So, upon grocery shopping this weekend I looked for low carb wheat tortillas since I'd seen others using them for a variety of things. I found them - but when I was searching I also found flatout bread. Comparing the nutritional info with the tortillas, it was close, but I found the flatout bread to be better and you got more in a serving.

Now, not ALL of the flatout breads were better. I lined up all eight varieties on the shelf and compared until I found what I thought was best...flatout light original. Based on the names of the varieties, I actually thought that the 100% whole wheat with flax was going to come out best. The labels were sneakily similar...but you get 10 more grams of flat bread in the light original, along with 2 extra grams of fiber and protein. Other "Healthy Grain" flatout bread tended to be higher in calories and carbs. Finally, don't be fooled by the "Kidz" size. You're better off getting the light original and cutting it rather than buying the smaller Kidz version, which doesn't have as good nutritional stats. So "light original" it is!

The nutritional info is below. I've now tried them out for a couple things, including Taco Pizza, and I can only eat about 1/6 of one currently. So divide the nutritional info below by 6 and it seems like a great add to my staples!

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  1. Ooooo....I gotta try these out. Taco pizza sounds great! Thanks for sharing.