Liquid Stage

With my surgeon, the dietary plan following a Gastric Sleeve procedure is broken up into phases – clear liquids (phase 1), full liquids (phase 2), soft and blended foods (phase 3), and solid food (phase 4). I'm instructed to move up to the next phase only after waiting a minimum amount of time and after feeling completely comfortable with the previous phase (no vomiting or nausea). If, after advancing to the next phase, problems develop, I go back to liquids and advance only after I've tolerated liquids without any problems for 48 hours. This page is dedicated to the clear and full liquids stages.

What I actually ate
Okay, so if the instructions are below...want to know what I actually ate? I posted a video at Week 2 that walked through much of it. But here were some staples that got me through the first few weeks.
Phase 1
CLEAR LIQUIDS (Day 1-10 following surgery)
  1. For the first 10 days following surgery, nothing other than clear liquids and a protein supplement should be consumed. ABSOLUTELY no solid food!!! Clear liquids consist of Jell-O, sugar-free Crystal light, water, and broth. A high quality protein supplement such as IsoPure or Whey protein should be used in order to obtain approximately 70 grams of protein per day. 
  2. Make sure you dilute your protein drinks in enough water. Making them too dense might cause you nausea. Your stomach is very sensitive to the density of food and liquids after surgery.  
  3. No sugar, caffeine, or carbonated beverages should be consumed during phase 1 of the diet. These will cause unpleasant side effects and may also cause complications 
  4. A total of 1 1/2 -2 quarts of liquid should be consumed to prevent dehydration. NEVER have more than 60cc or 2 oz. in a 15 minute period.  Always sip – never gulp or drink quickly. 
  5. Keep track of your daily intake to make sure you get enough liquids and protein. If it is hot or humid outside and you are perspiring, you will need to increase the amount by 10%-20%. 
  6. If your urine is dark or your mouth is dry, you are not drinking enough liquid. Use these as guides to determine if you are drinking enough. 
  7. Some patients report that clear water is harder to have.  Turning water acidic with lemon or lime juice or adding Crystal Light tames the problem.
Phase 2
FULL LIQUIDS (Day 11-20 following surgery)
  1. For the next 10 days, progress to Phase 2 provided you are not having any problems with clear liquids. 
  2. Full liquids are foods such as skim milk, thicker low fat soups, skim soy beverages, etc. The same rules as above apply – no sugar, caffeine, or carbonated beverages should be consumed during phase 2 of the diet. These will cause unpleasant side effects and may also cause complications. 
  3. Continue to supplement your diet with a protein liquid so that you consume a total of 70 grams of protein per day. 
  4. Try new liquids cautiously – some foods that you could eat before surgery may not be tolerated after surgery. 
  5. Once you have tolerated Phase 2 for 10 days, you can advance to Phase 3


  1. Did you season the swanson's broth at all? I can't stand straight broth! It just tastes like dead animal!

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