Blood Tests

When I visited a local bariatric surgery center, they wanted me to have quite a few blood tests done straightaway. In speaking to my surgeon in Mexico, he doesn't need anything beforehand, but will do a series of tests the day before surgery when I arrive. He does, however, ask for blood work three, six, and 12 months after surgery. But, even though he doesn't require it, I really wanted to have a baseline for my blood tests going into all of this. Below is the list of blood work I had done, which was ordered through my primary doctor so it could be covered by insurance. The diagnosis codes used (for me) were Morbid Obesity (278.01) and Sleep Disturbance (780.50). If you want to learn more about blood tests, including understanding them, check out Lab Tests Online.
  • CBC with Diff
  • CMP (Fasting)
  • Lipid Profile (Fasting)
  • Iron Profile
  • Thyroid Panel (TSH & Free T4 Level)
  • H. Pylori (IgG, IgM. IgA)
  • Hepatic Panel
  • GGT
  • Vitamin A Level
  • Vitamin B-12 Level
  • Vitamin B-1 Level (Frozen Plasma)
  • Vitamin D-25 Level
  • Zinc
  • Folate
  • Hgb A1C
  • Urinalysis
The tests resulted in nine vials of blood and a urine sample. I had my Dr. sent me my results, which I then sent to my Dr. in Mexico. I'll then monitor how things change over time.

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