Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nutritionist (1st try)

Visit with my first nutritionist complete! The upside? She was supportive of surgery in Mexico and answered my questions. The downside? She didn't have my bariatric experience, which was disappointing, and makes me think that (a) I should have asked that question beforehand, and (b) she's probably not going to be part of my ongoing team. In my video, I share what she specifically recommended for supplements, which included:
  • Multi-vitamin (duh :)
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
But I'm going to verify her recommendations with my surgeon in Mexico and with a nutritionist that has experience with bariatric patients. Don't want to rely on her assessment too much. You can check out the supplements page for more information.

I did decide that I'm going to get a blood test beforehand through my Doctor, assuming she's supportive. I got a list of tests from a local bariatric center here locally. You can find the list on the blood tests page if you want to try to get the same ones.

Some links to things she did share that I found helpful:
Enjoy the video! Best, gastricsleeve4me

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