Sunday, April 29, 2012

Support Groups

I've started to think a lot about finding a group nearby to support me. I found two local bariatric surgery centers, and both had support groups that are open to anyone. I've put the upcoming dates on my calendar and am excited to connect with folks locally, even though my surgery is in Mexico.

Also, I had a chance to order some protein powders I read about. The links to the things I ordered below, and you may also want to visit my supplements page for more info on protein powders. Here's what I ordered:
  • Chike: I ordered the free sample. They sent about six protein packets of flavors to try. You just have to pay for shipping (about $7)
  • Unjury: I ordered the starter kit. For $21.20 plus tax you'll get two samples of five flavors (that's 10 packets to try!).
    • You'll also get a small Rubbermaid shaker and a basic food thermometer
    • I wasn't sure what the thermometer is for, but it turns out it's to make sure you're not mixing powder in a drink over 130 degrees to avoid clumping
Enjoy the video and look forward to your comments. I really must start putting on makeup and doing my hair before each one!

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