Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week 4 Update

Hey there! Well, tomorrow is a month. Awesome. Can't wait until it's been like three and I'm actually out of clothes from my closet. At the moment all I'm realizing is that I was clearly a couple sizes above my size-18 wardrobe and was stuffing myself in for the last nine to twelve months! So, now my 18s are starting to fit. I have a ton of 16s, and some 14s as well, so should be a while before I'm out of a wardrobe. At least I'll save some money? Here's the stats:

Surgery day: 250.4
Week 2: 232.1
Week 3: 228.7
Today: 226.1
Week's weight loss: 2.6 lbs
Total weight loss: 24.3 lbs

Seems to be on track with my expectations of 20-25 lbs in the first month, so yay me! Still have a mini goal to be at 219 by July 4, but it might be pushing it, especially if I get into an official stall.

In my video I talk about what I'm thinking and feeling, as well as some of my current favorite things. I also I mentioned that I've been cooking like crazy. If you're interested in the recipes and nutritional info, here you go. Enjoy! gastricsleeve4me

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