Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5.5 Week Update (30 lbs lost!)

Howdy readers! As I mentioned in my last post, I've been away camping in the Great Smokey Mountains so missed my 5 week update. Five days of no-scale, no-internet, no-phone bliss. Add friends and my dog, Sadie, and it was lovely. And I came home to a nice weight-loss surprise! Here's the stats:

Surgery day: 250.4
Week 2: 232.1
Week 3: 228.7
Week 4: 226.1
Today: 219.7
1.5 week weight loss: 6.4 lbs
Total weight loss: 30.7 lbs

Yipppppppeeeeeeeeee!!! One of the reasons this is so exciting is that 219 was my first mini-goal. I was hoping to make it by July 4th and I did it with a week to spare! For starters, I haven't seen under 220 for some time. I track my weight somewhat religiously (going back to 2000!) and my stats tell me that I hit 219 for a brief period in 2009, but it's really been since the middle of 2008. I've printed out this historical record and I'm loving crossing out the numbers as I pass them. It's like going back in time! I was at 200 briefly in 2006, but pretty much haven't been under it my entire adult life. That will kick ass.

Camping was great. Talk about easy food packing - I didn't need much! Mornings were either an egg or a protein shake. I'd have another protein shake at some point during the day, and intersperse that with cheese sticks, and slices of salami or turkey. Lunch or dinner was typically warming up my bites or ricotta bake that I'd brought along in the cooler (both were a real hit my non-sleeved camper friends!). A couple times I had tuna with a bit of cheese folded in a wonton wrapper. I can see that becoming a new little staple! When I didn't finish one, it did well getting re-heated in a skillet later.

Now, all that being said, I did NOT get in enough calories. Being out and about, I just wasn't as focused on food as I had been. Now, while that could be perceived as a good thing, it meant that I was barely getting in 400 calories for the first few days. And since I wasn't tracking, I didn't catch it right away. Once I did, I was more diligent. Lesson learned. I don't have to obsess, but I do need to pay attention if I'm going to stay healthy since I'm at a point where my tummy isn't going to signal me.

Enjoy the video and a few pics from the trip. Later, gastricsleeve4me


  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog. I agree that your face is looking slimmer. I'm newly sleeved (3 days today) and can't wait to try some of your recipes when I get to those stages. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Melissa...congrats on your sleeve! Hope you're feeling great. You're only about 6 weeks behind me!

  2. Not only do I love your blog, but I think our dogs are long lost brother and sister. He looks just like your dog! It is kinda crazy. Jack is a collie, lab, rotweiler mix and has most of the same markings as your Sadie.

    I am finishing up my three months of medically supervised weight loss and should be getting a surgery date early to mid August. I'm so excited! You have really helped me and I truly appreicate it.

    p.s. The Smokies are one of my favorite places in the entire world. One of my weight loss goals is to be able to hike Rainbow Falls trail. 5.3ish miles up the mountain. Oh yeah baby!! ;)

    1. Thanks, Barbara! Your surgery date will be here before you know it. Wish you luck!