Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Wow. So, six weeks ago I was told by a bariatric surgeon that my insurance required a five-year weight history with an over-40 BMI (morbid obesity). I didn't have it. So I decided on surgery in Mexico. I researched the hell out of it, secured a date, paid my deposit, and have been planning (as this blog shows!) in earnest ever since. I'm due to have surgery in Mexico in under three weeks. But today, upon visiting a second surgeon, I was told that my insurance recently dropped the five-year requirement. Which means that I should qualify. Son of a bi*ch! Now, while it will save me $8000 (which is nothing to sneeze at!), I have to consider that:
  • I'd have to wait six months, since they require six monthly office visits with a nutritionist
  • the surgeon I visited has a lot less experience than my surgeon in mexico
  • because I don't think the surgeon I visited is the guy for me, I have to start looking for a well-qualified one that is also in my network...and that means more time
  • I do have to pay for 10% of the surgeon's fee, as well as the hospital (though this is likely to be under $2000)
  • going through insurance will mean less money
  • US doctors in my area seem to be more conservative about bougie size, which I believe may correlate to less weight loss (though recognize some studies that indicate a lower complication rate)
  • I believe my surgeon in Mexico is great and I'm confident that I will have a positive experience
It's a lot to think about. But it's not as clear-cut as you might think. I'm ready. There is no better time than now. Right now. Today. I'm fortunate enough that I can afford the surgery in Mexico. But is going forward with Mexico throwing away $8000? Oh boy. Want to hear more? Watch the video. Best, gastricsleeve4me

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