Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Travel NSVs

Throughout my 12 days in Africa I experienced a number of "non sleeve victories" (NSVs) that I thought I'd share. They remind me how impactful my weight was on just about every facet of my life!
  • Being stuck in a middle or aisle seat on a small plane flying between cities didn't cause complete panic and wasn't entirely uncomfortable
  • I didn't sweat through my pants while sleeping/sitting on the 15-hour flight over, thus rendering them completely gross and unwearable for the rest of the trip
  • When I forgot to pack clothes that were warm enough I could walk into a regular store and by a North Face fleece, sweatshirt, and long sleeve shirt - this is a serious one for me as it's nearly impossible to find fat clothes overseas
  • When getting a massage, I could wear the normal-person robe and actually tie it around myself, thus avoiding the embarrassing step of asking for a bigger one, or having to wear clothes underneath so I don't flash anyone
  • When it got crowded in the jeep on safari, not only did I not feel cramped and like I was invading the space of others, I actually crossed my legs!
  • While I'm not excited to wear a bathing suit, I was comfortable wearing just a one piece without some big "swim skirt"
  • I wasn't worried about working my day around food. I had my protein shakes, bars, and would simply pick a protein option when the day called for having a meal
  • I saved money by doing a safari where the food was average (I didn't care since my trip wasn't about the food) and alcohol wasn't included (since I don't drink much anymore)
  • Lugging a heavy backpack and suitcase through eight airport trips in 12 days was a non-event
  • I felt more confident in my work meetings since I didn't feel like I was, by far, the largest person in the room (aka the fat american)
Thanks, sleeve. Couldn't have done it without 'ya.