Tuesday, October 23, 2012

22 Week Update

I'm back!

Surgery day: 250.4
One month 226.1 (24.3 lbs month/24.3 lbs total)
Two month: 211.8 (14.3 lbs month/38.6 lbs total)
Three month: 201.3 (10.5 lbs month/49.1 total)
Four month: 189.5 (11.8 lbs month/60.9 total)
Five month: 178.9 (10.6 lbs month/71.5 total)
Week 21: 175.3
Week 22: 173.8

1 week weight loss: 1.5 lbs
Total weight loss: 76.6 lbs

My video was long enough to need to split it into two (18 minutes or so)...oops! But you'll get the joy of some loose skin and a body shot...enjoy!


  1. You are looking GOOD, Mama! Congrats on all of your successes.

  2. I actually get giddy to see/read your updates and information. I'm 3 1/2 weeks post-op now and down almost 19 lbs! Dr. Aceves and team were a dream, as expected! I also made the Buffalo Chicken Bites yesterday with lite Blue Cheese dressing instead of ranch and they were heavenly!!! I'm soooo thankful that you take the time out of your seemingly busy schedule to update everyone...it's so helpful! And you're looking wonderful! Yay, collarbones! I already have thin hair and am trippin' about potential hair loss, so much that I'm waiting on a shipment of Nioxin as I type..ha. But, as you said, it's a trade-off that I would choose again in a heartbeat. Congrats on your success and hope to hear another update soon!

    1. Ha ha. Thanks, Ashley! Think you're probably nearing your three month mark. Wow - super exciting! Glad to hear you liked Aceves as well. Best of luck.

  3. Hi Jo!

    I absolutely love your candor! It mirrors my inner monologue. Right when I was considering VSG, someone told me about your blog. I am so glad I found it! I am also in my 20s, have a job where I have to travel internationally quite often, and am set to get sleeved with Dr. A on 1/5.

    I wanted to know---I have a tendency to overprepare and overthink. I am 16 days from my date. When you were where I am now, how did you prevent yourself from creating your own anxiety by obsessing?

    Hope all is well! You look amazing!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Think you were sleeved yesterday - CONGRATS! Hope all went well and you kept the anxiety to a minimum. Feel free to email me.