Sunday, January 6, 2013

33 week update

Holy crap. 33 weeks. It has absolutely FLOWN by and I couldn't be happier. Let me get right down to business. You can check out the video to hear more about my weight loss to date.

Surgery day: 250.4

One month 226.1 (24.3 lbs month/24.3 lbs total)
Two month: 211.8 (14.3 lbs month/38.6 lbs total)
Three month: 201.3 (10.5 lbs month/49.1 total)
Four month: 189.5 (11.8 lbs month/60.9 total)
Five month: 178.9 (10.6 lbs month/71.5 total)
Six month: 168.9 (10 lbs month/81.5 total)
Seven month: 160.3 (8.6 month/90.1 total)
Eight month: 160.3 (0 month/90.1 total)
Week 33: 158

1 week weight loss: 2.3 lbs
Total weight loss: 92.4 lbs

Apparently I'm at week 33, not 34 - forgive my video reference to week 34, lol. I didn't talk about it in the video, but about my calorie intake...I stopped tracking back a couple of months ago. Recently, I've started periodically tracking a couple times a week. I've been taking in about 1500 calories a day and maintaining with regular exercise, but as you see above, the weight loss has pretty much stopped this month. I can tell from my history that 900-1000 calories will be my sweet spot for kicking the weight loss back in gear. So, that's my target for now. Enjoy the video! Jo

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  1. Joooooo!!! It's so good to "see" you again! I seriously was thinking of you this morning and hoping you would post soon! I'm 12 weeks post op (surgery with Aceves on 10/13/12) and down 46.8 lbs! And 8 lbs into Onederland! I still credit you for my inspiration and still use your blog as my go-to reference. At 12 weeks out, I've super slacked on exercising, but I'm heading to the gym today to change that;) Thanks so much for updating your fans! Congrats on all of your success!