Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What 15 months and 107 lb weight loss looks like!

Here's the nitty gritty on what my body looks like fifteen months post-surgery. Photo montage over 15 months, and a video of what I look like today. Enjoy! Jo


  1. Thanks for posting that- your brave:) I am only 7 mo post op so seeing this is inspiring!! I have lost 94 LB so far and am about 30 lbs from my goal. I look at my extra skin as a reminder of where I came from.

  2. I commented after you posted, but it didn't post. :-/ You look amazing, Jo! I've been so grateful to follow along with your journey while I was going through the same process! Oct 13 will be my one year surgiversary and I'm down 104 lbs! I'm no longer trying to lose, but am working on maintaining good nutrition and building some muscle. I have the same problem areas that you do. But, I'm okay with that. My saggy skin is high-fiving yours as I type...hahaha. Congrats on your engagement and physical success!!! <3

  3. You are looking amazing! You inspired me along with 2 other friends and I had my surgery this past summer in June. So far I am down 58 pounds and looking forward to the next 50 gone! :)

  4. Hi Jo- You're an inspiration and I'm so proud of you. Most of all, I'm grateful for the resources and research you are sharing with us all. I'm looking into the VSG and your site has been the most helpful of anything empirical I've read. Thank you, thank you. Would love an update, even if it's same ol, same ol. Congrats on your engagement!

  5. Hi Jo, Thanks for sharing your journey with your VSG surgery. I urge you to read this book by metabolic specialist and obesity board certified MD Emily Cooper and see that your struggles with keeping your calorie intakes under control have everything to do with your metabolic hormone levels - and NOT your (obviously steel-willed) willpower. You are an incredible strong woman! In the book Dr. Cooper explains the science (which I think you will enjoy!) and discusses how she successfully treats metabolic problems and has for decades. She does recommend VSG surgery for some patients whose metabolic hormones cannot be balanced with medication. Her practice is in Seattle, Washington and I am currently under treatment by her. My metabolism has been heavily damaged by many decades of dieting and she is considering the VSG surgery for me in that it temporarily re-sets the body's entire metabolic hormone system levels. After surgery she then monitors the patients' metabolic hormones through bloodwork and adds/adjusts meds to keep hormones at optimum levels for a full functioning metabolism. Patients eat normally without counting calories for life. If you give me a mailing address or email address, I would be happy to gift the book to you, I have gotten a great deal of info about the VSG procedure from your sharing and would love to give back. Jo - my wish for you is one of a normal and healthy rest of your life where your weight is normal and you do not have to watch every bite of food that goes in your mouth and worry about whether your are exercising enough. I believe is so much more to life than this! Here is the link to the book: http://www.amazon.com/The-Metabolic-Storm-Science-Metabolism/dp/0989690210/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1394063892&sr=8-1&keywords=the+metabolic+storm
    My best to you, Cynthia

    1. Hello I would enjoy this book too. I am getting ready for WLS in Poland Europe. The procedure is not popular here and I struggle to get information on my own. If you can please send me the book it might be very helpful.

  6. Jo - to clarify what I wrote above " She does recommend VSG surgery for some patients whose metabolic hormones cannot be balanced with medication". What I meant was - She does recommend VSG surgery for some patients whose metabolic hormones do not respond to the medication. She has found that after the surgery and corresponding "reset" the hormones levels are easier to adjust with medications.

  7. Hi Jo,

    I'm three weeks away from my surgery date and I must say, your insight/information has been a solid guide for me through out this entire process. Thank you so much and congrats on your amazing accomplishment!


  8. How are you doing now?

    I'm 5'7" , 253 lbs and 32 years old. I'm gearing up for surgery in April (2015)

    Your blog and videos are inspirational to say the least. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  9. Jo,

    I followed all of your YouTube videos and blog before I had my surgery last summer. You were a great inspiration for me. I have had great success as well. I was going to forward a video to a friend of mine looking to have it done, but I couldn't find you 😕. Just curious why you pulled them? Is it because you're happy and moved on and you're tired of people bothering you or have you had some kind of complication? I've already had surgery and lost 78 pounds 😄 but if you've pulled your stuff due to something negative I would really appreciate the heads up? I really hope you wouldn't care to reply to this?

  10. Hi Jo,
    First of all, thank you for all the great videos and the blog. I have done a lot of searching and it really is the best information for a person considering the surgery in my opinion. Your efforts are truly appreciated by many people. The main reason for my comment is to say thank you for the hundreds of hours of time you spent sharing with all of us. I started with a few videos and then the other day watched all of them in order. Now to honor your organizational skills, the stats, the thinking or where I’m at, followed by feelings. I’m about the same size as you were 5’7 255. I have done some prework with a surgeon that friends have used, and have appointments with my PCP to be cleared in a few weeks when I return from Saudi. I’m there now 11/1/15 on business. This brings me to my favorite video’s weeks 10 and 13 your first travels. That has been one of my biggest concerns because like you I travel for my job to many very remote locations. I also bring my medications with me but again thanks to your help that will be replaced by protein powder and vitamins. I actually went into a GNC here in Saudi yesterday and saw the protein powder you use. Good to know I can buy it anywhere that has a GNC. Feelings, nervous but like everyone I have seen or talked to I believe the benefits will far out weight any losses. In fact the only reason I can think of for not having the surgery is from another person’s videos. I don’t want to give up the things that got me in this place from the start. I’m from New Orleans and we have the best food and drinks in the world and I enjoy every minute of it. Don’t want to give that up.
    Finally, I don’t know if you still keep up with comments as it looks like your last update has been a while. It really makes sense if following this is no longer a big part of your life, but if you do see this post my only question would be how things are many years down the road. I remember from one of your videos’ that this was also your question. How are they people who have had it done 6, 7 our 10 years ago doing. Are there any long term issues that have not been discovered yet? If you do see this and don’t mind talking about it please feel free to friend me on FB a Terry Whodat Madere. Again, thank you, and GO SAINTS!!!

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