Monday, September 17, 2012

17 Week Update

Holy cow, I sped past the four month mark! Crazy. I've been on the road traveling for work (and fun!) for three weeks to Brazil, Australia, and India and it's been a crazy ride. Let me start with the stats:

Surgery day: 250.4
One month 226.1
Two month: 211.8
Three month: 201.3
Four month: 189.5 (estimate based on hotel scale)
Week 17: 187.5

1 week weight loss: 2.0 lbs
Total weight loss: 62.9 lbs

Made it to size 14s this week! Wow, that's crazy. Haven't been this size since high school. You can check out the video to hear more about what I've been up to. Enjoy! Nice to be home.


  1. Is it weird that I missed you? hahaha! Glad to see your latest post! You look amazing!

  2. Hi Jo! I went back to the start and watched the video of your "before" full body shot and have had an amazing transformation. You look great!

    I completely agree about the 20-25 pounds in the 1st month, then 10 pounds a month. I was sleeved a month after you but started about 20 pounds heavier. I've followed essentially the same curve though. Great post and video. Will look forward to hearing about your favorite snacks. A couple that I like are raw almonds and turkey sausage bites ( Grapes and cheese cubes are another hit.

  3. Yay! Jo is back! Great progress buddy, good to have you back. And just so you know, since youve been so helpful to me (and kinda inspirational too) I have been shamelessly promoting your blog in my local support group, and on vst. You look great btw.

  4. I must admit I've missed your posts and videos as well. feels like I know you. looking amazing as usual